Harrington Brown Artist

I began seriously drawing at the age of 12. I attended the “Art Academy of Memphis” which is now “The Memphis College of Art” as a teen. After many years of marriage, children, and other obligations, I resumed my artistic interests.

I have studied at University of Memphis and with many well known teachers, including Sally Hughes Smith and Anne Hughes Sayle, who are well known in Memphis and are fine artists. I was represented by Midtown Galleries owned by David Stearns. After he closed his gallery, I decided to open my own gallery and I represented some of the finest artists.

Having found operating a gallery impaired my inspiration to paint, I decided to devote myself to my own art and to inspire others to pursue their artistic interests.

I love to paint abstract, but love the human form and realism. There are so many aspects to the creative spirit, it is hard to narrow it to just one alone. I see art is everything; nature, human form, landscape, abstract, etc. I see art from the moment I wake until I sleep, and sometime in the middle of the night! It never stops, it is a constant searching for the truth….I hope it will never stop!

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